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I love your website!!!  I have told many people about Moringa, and they are very excited to try it.  Thank you again for all the information, seeds, and your love for this wonderful gift from God!
- Victoria  New Port Richey, FL 
Great service and friendly advice and help. Always willing to help with queries and well presented product.
- derekch1 
I received my seeds within days and happy to see where they came from was the same climate as me. The seeds were planted in peat moss and popped up within a week !  I transplanted the bigger seedlings ( about 8 inches tall ) to a larger pot with perlite potting soil and they didn't seem to like it that well. The growth was slowed way down. The ones in the peat pot are much larger now. I had my 1st mouthful of leaf yesterday  and we are so happy to have found out about Moringa. I will keep them in pots this winter in case I have to bring them in from the cold and plant them in the ground in the spring. 
- Hotflash1234 
With the busy life I lead, I find I am ordering more and more products online.  Even plants and garden items come to my door, from time to time. Recently, I ordered some seedlings and seeds from the I Love Moringa company, headed by Emily Tack and family. The order arrived promptly, beautifully and heavily packaged but, sadly, one seedling must have gotten harsh treatment from the delivery man and the Texas heat that week. I alerted Emily to this situation and she immediately went above and beyond what any other online sales representative has ever done in supplying me with a quick replacement and some bonus seeds to boot. Having this level of service in this age of impersonal internet sales is a rarity. Rare, too, were the hand written notes that accompanied the parcels. I am most impressed, not only with the delightful plants, but with the thoughtful and efficient service.  Top notch! 
- Kevin Dunn, Austin, TX
Wow what an informative site for Moringa. The customer service is wonderful. Moringa I received from this site  is of great quality and grows fast. I am pleased to promote Moringa to others I know because of it's mass health benefits. Thanks Emily and “I love Moringa” for your thorough job of informing me about this wonderful gift from God!
- chadster78 
I am pleased with my first order of moringa leaf powder from this site. The service is very personalized and the product is top quality - the leaf powder is very fine such that you can dissolve it in a skin cream and apply on the skin to treat problems like rashes very effectively. We received our parcel via 1st class air mail and the package was professionally and meticulously done and accompanied by a hand-written letter from Ms Emily. Wow! I look forward to re-ordering from I Love Moringa!
- KChia
Thank you Emily. I ordered some Moringa O seeds and you sent extra. I sent them to Liberia where I'm from originally so that by the time I arrive for a visit, God willing, I will meet some nice trees growing in my yard. My plan is to use the leaves to make Moringa juice to make coconut soap. I also ordered Moringa Leaf Powder from you, twice, and I am very pleased. I ordered one bag for my brother who struggles with high blood sugar and I kept the other bag for myself. I eat 2 tsps most mornings with a bowl of oatmeal and use some to make handmade Moringa soap here in the States. I just came to Ft. Lauderdale to spend some time with my son. As soon as the weather begins to stay warm, I'll order some more seeds from you so I can have some live plants for leaf-eating. Thanks for all the great information about Moringa. God bless.  
- Sonia

Someone here mentioned that however much you use, more will grow back to suit your needs. I planted 8 seeds in a row for a hedge. 6 sprouted, but something like a rabbit, bit the leaf head off the first one. YIKES!  We put gopher wire cages around all of them for protection.  After a week most are 6 inches tall.  And that little bitten one... Wow!  It has 2 trunks leafing now!  I'm looking at it as "manna from Heaven".  You don't eat it, it will go out of reach.  You do, it will bring you more the next day!
- DesertDancer
I started with your seeds 2 years ago and have 1 each variety of Moringa tree growing in my yard in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Touted as the Worlds most useful tree, I have personally discovered so many uses for my leaves, buds and fruit. Once established, they are are strong and very hardy. It seems the more you harvest, the more grows to meet your demands of it.

I make a tea from it, by boiling fresh leaves ( with stems) and buds, enough to fill a pasta pot, and filled near the top with water. I add a thumb sized piece of ginger boiling them until they wilt and the water becomes tinged brown/green. Consumed hot, or cooled down with local honey added, tastes as good as any green tea out there, especially good during flu season. Crushed green leaves applied directly to cuts, scratches bites, acne, promote instant healing. Awesome addition to any garden.
I give Moringa 5stars !!! I love Moringa Tree! 
- Awrootbeer51
Hi, this is Jessica from North Carolina and I am excited and eager to start growing my moringa again. I started mine from seeds last March indoors and put them in raised beds mid April. I ended up with approximately 15 plants and if I had not  harvested the leaves all summer I know they would have reached 10 ft easily. 

My family ate them in salads and I dried out enough for making capsules to last us all winter. I still have at least 100 capsules and a large ziplock bag of powder ready to put in capsules. This tree is such a blessing and I tell everyone about it. This year I plan to grow a lot more. Thank you Emily for sharing this miraculous gift with us. It is a pleasure doing business with you. God bless you and your family. 
- Jessica McBar 

Planted three seeds (One for God, one for the birds and one for me) from what you sent about 3 weeks ago.  Sprout is 2 inches tall already!  I can't wait to plant in the yard and then begin harvesting!  Thanks!  
- Cathy Orlando,FL 
 I am more than pleased with my purchase from! It's truly awesome customer service, Emily is wonderful. Super fast shipping, well packed seeds, EXTRA seeds ( thank you so much!!) and the very best literature on how to grow, how to prune, how to harvest Moringa. 

I just learned about Moringa about a month ago, pretty much by accident, and now I'm absolutely hooked on these trees! I have my four children exited about our 'baby' seeds growing into edible trees, they are all so excited. I can't wait to share this with people I care about. I'm hooked.  
- Holisticheather
I could not be happier with this product, or Emily of I Love Moringa!  I Love Moringa is such a wonderful Company to deal with, always fair, honest and prompt with shipments.  Emily the owner keeps you very informed with all issues, updates, or shipments, and resolves any problems in a very satisfactory manor.  Emily is great to answer any questions, always helpful, always knowledgeable, and is a very likeable person, who genuinely cares about others.  I will never buy Moringa anywhere else.  

I have sent several of my friends to the I Love Moringa Website, to buy Moringa from Emily.  I have been on Moringa about 4 months now, and am getting some very amazing results.  It has helped lower my blood pressure, and for this I am thrilled, and so very grateful.  I just feel all around healthier since taking Moringa. I have more energy, and seem to feel more at peace.  

There are some very visible and remarkable things that have happened since being on Moringa.  I have gotten back some of my hair color. I know that is hard to believe, but it is just the facts!  Several of my friends have even noted that my hair is getting more color back in it.  My hair had been snow white, but is now becoming a lot more platinum, which I really like. Moringa has also made my hair a lot healthier, and its getting thicker again. I am elated over that.  

My skin really has a nice youthful glow to it now, and I am telling you wrinkles are disappearing!!  Looking younger is always good.   Many of my friends have been commenting on how good my skin and hair look. I do think the Moringa is also making my metabolism work a lot better. 

You see I  happen to be on cloud nine because I have lost some weight.  In all fairness the 
weight loss may be a combination of other things working along with the Moringa.  I do exercise everyday, and have made a lot of healthy changes in my diet. I have done a lot of behavior modification in my food choices, but then to achieve permanent weight loss that is always required.  I have so far lost 16 lbs.  

Moringa does make positive physical changes to your appearance, just don't expect to see them over night. I would say the best thing you can do to protect and improve your over all health is get on Moringa and be faithful taking it.  I myself, take 2 tablespoons of the Moringa Organic Powder per day, and consume it in a fruit smoothie, that I mix up in a blender. You will have to experiment to find out what amount of Moringa powder works best for you. Moringa powder is not toxic in any amount. You do however at first have to work up to taking as much as I do. If you don't you can get a slight headache, as your body will start to detox with Moringa.  I found this out the hard way buy taking two full tablespoons when I first started on Moringa. The more toxic your system is the more of a chance of this occurring, so just start slow to avoid it. If you do get a slight headache it is short lived, I never experience any of them now. The fact the Moringa will detox you system is a great thing, as goodness knows we are exposed to way too many cancer causing chemicals, and contaminates everyday, and we need to get them out of our system by detoxing.  

Well, I could go on forever about Moringa but time to stop, just so excited about Moringa that wanted to share.  I hope this review will help you make a decision to do something really positive for your health, and appearance by taking Moringa. 

There are good reasons  it is also known as "The Miracle Tree"and "The Tree Of life"
- Betty Buckley St. Louis, MO
What a great product with an amazing person behind it. Emily has one of the best customer service I have ever experienced. I'm hooked to the product as well as how that company handles business.
- Irisguillen
I Love Moringa, too... I got seeds in early spring they are all 3 ft tall now. I sent leaves , seeds, and powder to my 80-year old Mom, and my goodness - she says she feels 50 again...OMG ! I gave some leaves to a new mom and her milk doubled while making (drinking) the tea. When she ran out, the milk slowed down. She called to see if I had any more leaves. She loves Moringa, too! I want to spread the word about this tree of LIFE..... Thanx EM. for all your help.. P.S. the stans are 6 inches now. Thanks again... Would love to have lunch with you some time soon. Do you ever come to Clearwater, FL.?
- Aniko 

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