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For many years, we grew Moringa trees, and sold Moringa seeds, Moringa leaf powder, and Moringa cuttings. We loved doing it, but events in our private lives necessitated some major changes.

We are avid Moringa enthusiasts, and are continually excited about its seemingly endless health benefits and nourishing properties. The qualities of the humble Moringa tree appear to be unexcelled. Whether you eat the seeds, the flowers, the pods, the seeds, or all of the above, Moringa delivers a powerful nutritional punch.  Able to be grown in a container in almost all climates, and outdoors in the tropical and sub-tropical zones, Moringa is one of the fastest growing biomasses on earth. Our goal is to proclaim to everyone we can reach, that there is a tangible, inexpensive source of life-sustaining nutrition - readily available.  Moringa is easy-to-grow, pleasant to view, extremely nutritious, very delicious, and invaluable to own. 

The sources we site, both for information and purchases, have proven to be reliable and accurate.  Do yourself and your loved ones a favor they will never forget, and order some Moringa products today - without delay! --- Emily

There are a few
excellent books out there, on Moringa.

The Miracle Tree, edited by 
Lowell J. Fugile

Miracle Tree
by Monica G. Marcu

The Moringa Reader
from anamed


Moringa: Nature's
by Sanford Holst

Edible Leaves 
of the Tropics
(third edition)
Moringa is mentioned here, as one of the edible leaves of 
the tropics!
by F. W. Martin, 
R. M. Ruberte, and 
L.S. Meitzner

"Hi! I'm Morey...the Moringa Oleifera Seed. 

I hope you grow to love Moringa, like so many millions of people do!
I Love Moringa
the fast-growing, nutritious, delicious gift from God
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