"Hi! I'm Stan, the 
Moringa Stenopetala 
Seed! My seeds have  an excellent oil 
in them, too!"
Watchmakers use it, as "ben oil", to lubricate fine watches.

Can you make your OWN Moringa oil?

Yes, and it is easy to do, but - you will 
have to have a lot 
of mature Moringa seeds on hand. 

Put the Moringa seeds in a skillet, and stir them, until they turn a dark brown. Crush them thoroughly, and put the crushed seeds in a pot of water, that has been brought to a boil. Boil the seeds until you see the oil come to the top, and then boil them a few minutes longer.

The oil will rise to the top. Carefully skim it off, let it cool, and pour into clean, glass containers.

If you had 100 dried Moringa seeds, and extracted the oil from them, you would have the equivalent of 40 of the seeds, in volume.

The fine oil that can be extracted from mature Moringa seeds is a valuable oil, commonly called BEN OIL. It has been used for centuries, as cooking oil, but it also has many other interesting uses.  If you have lots of Moringa seeds, you can make your own oil. 

The oil is taken from mature Moringa seeds, which are actually about 40% oil. Good Moringa oil smells fresh, slightly like the fresh leaves, and has a beautiful golden hue. Slow to become 
rancid, it can be kept at room temperature for long time.
How to Use Moringa Oil
Did you know that Moringa seeds yield a very fine, edible oil?
You didn't? Well, they do!

"What can I do with Moringa Oil, you ask?" 
Here are some ideas... 
Moringa oil's uses are many. Here are just a few:
- For cooking oil
- As shortening in baked goods 
- For salad dressings
- Base for mayonnaise 
- Stir-fry oil
- In sauces
- With herbs, for dipping bread
- To make popcorn
- Added to butter for garlic bread
- With pasta
- For frying fish and seafood
- On pizza

- As a beauty oil, smoothed on skin
- In shampoos and hair conditioners
- In beauty creams and lotions
- For making soap 
- In perfumes, as a base
- As an excellent lubricant for metals

Historically, Moringa seed oil has been used for skin diseases, gout, joint pain, scurvy, inflammation, stomach distress, rheumatism, and many ills. While millions of people have used it for these ailments, we do not have any personal experience with it.
You might not want to use it as cooking oil, as it is EXPENSIVE, but it does taste good!
I Love Moringa
the fast-growing, nutritious, delicious gift from God
This page was last updated: September 3, 2022
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"Hi! I'm Morey, 
the Moringa Oleifera 
Did you know you 
can get oil from 
my seeds?"
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