More photos of pods, from other people's 
websites. When we put these photos up, our pods had not 
yet matured. 

These are from the 
Seeds of India site

More "drumstick pods" growing from Moringa trees at Hendry Creek Hideaway

Fresh Moringa "drumsticks" from Alibaba source 
Pods from Garden Web site

The top photo is from Mark Olson. The bottom two are
photos of pods from our trees...

Peace Corps photo
of Moringa seed pods

Moringa Oleifera
Pods from our trees
August 2009
Pods from Amar Seeds
Pods from Australia
There are a FEW places that sell the Moringa pods, also called drumsticks.  So far, we have not found any here in the US, except for canned pods. We will post some if and when we find them. 

At home, we have eaten lots of Moringa pods from our own trees, and have to say that we like them best when they are young and tender. We eat them raw, right from the tree, or cook them just until they turn green, like string beans. Don't eat all of your pods, or you won't get any seeds!

Below are some sources we found. Whether or not they are still offering Moringa pods - is hard to say. I have reposted several places before, only to find that they no longer offer Moringa pods. Again, as soon as I locate a reliable source, I will add them to the site. For now, the best way to obtain pods, is to grow them on your own Moringa tree!           
I Love Moringa
the fast-growing, nutritious, delicious gift from God
This page was last updated: September 6, 2022
Once you get pods growing on your own Moringa trees, you will not begin to be able to use them all, so educate your neighbors on the benefits of eating them, and give your extras away!
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