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1. What IS Moringa?

Moringa is an edible tropical tree, known all over the world by many different names. It is called "The Miracle Tree" - with good reason, "The Horseradish Tree" - due to the taste of the leaves and its root, "The Drumstick Tree" - because of its pods. People eat its leaves, its flowers, seeds and pods, and its roots. WE CAUTION AGAINST EATING THE ROOTS!

2. Why do you caution against eating its roots?

We advise people NOT TO EAT the root of the Moringa Tree, because the root and the root bark contains some  powerful toxins. Consumed in large enough quantities, one of the toxins can paralyze the nervous system, and cause death. No one seems to know how much is too much! Despite this, many cultures continue to peel off the root bark, and eat the root. It tastes like horseradish. Horseradish is NOT deadly, so - buy horseradish at the store, or grow it, and leave the root of the Moringa tree alone! If you eat the root, the tree dies, and possibly, so do you!

3. What does Moringa taste like?

Raw Moringa leaves, have a slight "bite", reminiscent of watercress or radish. Both the Moringa Oleifera and the Moringa Stenopetala that we grow, have that "bite", but it is more pronounced in the Moringa Oleifera. When cooked, the "bite" goes away, and Moringa tastes like "pecany" spinach, at least to us! It only takes a few minutes to wilt and turn an intense green. Served up with a touch of butter, garlic, and salt, it is an epicurian delight!                See photo at right >>>

4. What other parts of the tree are edible?

All of the Moringa tree is edible, however, WE DO NOT WANT our customers eating the root! See #2, above. Moringa flower blossoms and buds are also edible, but some say they should be cooked. Collect enough of them, and you will enjoy one of the most delectable "vegetables" imaginable! Take it easy, eating the Moringa flowers. We find them to be laxative, if more than about 1/4 cup is eaten at one time. Very young Moringa pods are excellent eating, when they are about the size of string beans. After that, they get "woody" and "stringy", and will require additional cooking time. Moringa seeds can be fried in a little oil - sometimes they "pop" just like popcorn. Add salt, and eat a few at a time, as they are intensely cleansing!
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