5. Have you noticed any difference in your body, since you started eating Moringa?

I certainly have, as have other members of my family! Everyone else says that eating Moringa gives them sustained energy, all day long. I have always had a LOT of energy, so I cannot testify to that, BUT - I HAVE noticed that my family's hair is growing by leaps and bounds, and slowly returning to its original color and texture. One of the members in the family has LOTS of new hair growing in areas where there SHOULD be hair - that he has not had for about 20 years! We also noticed that after we eat a good-sized serving of it, it appears to act as a vascodilator, because we can see our veins "pulsing", sort of like a "niacin flush". That is usually indicative of a cleansing of the veins and arteries. We have had customers tell us, that they have lost extra pounds, since they have been using Moringa, some no longer feel tired 
and drained, several of them swear by it, for their diabetes. Google Moringa, and you can read all about how eating Moringa has changed people's lives.

6. Why should I eat Moringa?

Well, in this day of "instant everything", it is difficult to get raw, vital enzymes, vitamins, and minerals into your body. Moringa leaves contain INTENSE nutrition, and proportionately they pack more Vitamin C than citrus, more Vitamin A than spinach, and a whole lot more. They are one of the rare things that vegetarians can eat, that will supply all of the essential amino acids that your body needs, and a whole lot more that are considered to be non-essential to life. Adding Moringa to your diet is one way to insure a daily dose of intense nutrition, in an enjoyable-to-eat form.

7. Can I grow my OWN Moringa tree?

YES! There are some basic requirements, though. If you live in a part of the United States where the weather is tropical, or sub-tropical - you can grow Moringa successfully outdoors, year-round. If you live in an area with freezing temperatures in the winter, you will have to grow it outside in the summer, and indoors when it is cool. Moringa loves warmth and light, so you will have to place it somewhere in your home, where it will be warm. You will also need to put plant lights on it, as it is a sun-loving tree. You can plant it as an annual, and eat it all summer long, but you'll need quite a few seeds or seedlings to get a good supply of leaves. If you have access to a greenhouse, up north - you're set.
I Love Moringa
the fast-growing, nutritious, delicious gift from God
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